Creating an Expanding Table that Calculates in Adobe LiveCycle ®

This video demonstrates using Adobe LiveCycle, JavaScript and FormCalc to create a flowing / expanding table that can calculate totals in the table footer.

Code used in this example:

JavaScript in the Expanding Table Buttons:

Add Button – 

 var rowNum = this.parent.parent.index +1;

Del Button – 

    var rowNum = this.parent.parent.index;
   app.alert(“The minimum number of rows is 1”);  

FormCalc in the Calculate Event of the Totals Cell in Footer Row:

 $.rawValue = Sum(Table1.Row1[*].Cell4);

How to Install Windows 7 Starter on a Netbook with no CD/DVD Drive

This little problem came up today when a friend asked me to look at a recently purchased ASUS netbook.  The transaction for the device came via eBay and the seller had inadvertently (in an attempt to securely erase their data before shipping the device) erased the entire hard drive, recovery partition and all.

This particular device had no optical drive so as to reinstall Windows from OEM DVD.  So, after search on the we for an answer I came across this little article on how to create a bootable USB Drive and then transfer the contents of a Windows installation DVD onto it to use to resurrect the netbook.  Great article, brief, and to the point.  Here is the entire URL: