Expanding Tables in Adobe LiveCycle ©

In this video I demonstrate how to create a table that can expand based on user input.  Here’s the JavaScript code used for the command buttons:

// JavaScript to add a row to a table
   var rowNum = this.parent.index +1;

//JavaScript to delete a row from a table
  var rowNum = this.parent.parent.index;


Text Insertion the Right Way

In this tutorial I show how text insertion can be done the right way.  Many forms I see instert text as if the form was made to be filled out on paper.  Hopefully, this lesson can help you bring your pdf forms up to date.

JavaScript used in this tutorial:

var v_oldtext = FORM.Main.txtInsert.rawValue;
var v_newtext = v_oldtext.replace(“[Address Here]”, this.rawValue);
FORM.Main.txtInsert.rawValue = v_newtext;
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